Odebrecht Foundation joins the SDG Strategy

Coalition aims to further discuss the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

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In November, the Odebrecht Foundation took another important step towards the consolidation of its operations as an agent of sustainable development. The institution is now part of the SDG Strategya coalition of civil organizations, the private sector, government and research institutions that aims to broaden and qualify discussions on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Brazil.

Odebrecht Foundation is a signatory of the SDG Strategy

In its strategy to promote sustainable territorial development in six fronts, the Foundation connects itself directly to the SDGs proposed by the United Nations (UN) in the search to overcome global challenges such as the eradication of poverty, in all its forms and dimensions, through the education of youths for farming production, in the rational use and protection of natural resources and in the strengthening of the foundations citizenship.

For Beatriz Lepikson, responsible for the Social Partnerships at the Odebrecht Foundation, being a signatory of the SDG Strategy reinforces the institution’s connection with the Objectives proposed by the UN. “Expanding and qualifying the dialogue on the SDGs is also a way of aligning our work with the theme. Through the PDCIS, our Social Program, we carry out a series of actions aimed at building a more equal society”, she says.

As a result of the alignment of organizations actively involved in the sustainable development agenda in Brazil, the SDG Strategy seeks to mobilize and articulate different sectors in the implementation of the SDGs; propose effective means of implementing the 2030 Agenda in Brazil; mobilize opinion makers; unite private sector actors for the qualification of their performance; propose and promote public policies; monitor the progress of targets and indicators in the Brazilian territory; and broaden and qualify the public debate on the process of implementing the SDGs in Brazil.

Adelcio Menezes, member of the Foundation’s Social Partnerships team, explains that this new step is also another way for the institution to get closer to its peers. “Our performance is directly connected to the SDGs. That is why it is important for us to dialogue on this matter with other institutions and social actors, mainly presenting what the PDCIS has been achieving in line with the 2030 Agenda. This way, we can strengthen our work in favor of sustainable development,” he says.

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