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Our mission is to educate for life, through work, for values, and to overcome limits.

Who is the Norberto Odebrecht Foundation?

We are a private, Brazilian, non-profit making institution, created by the engineer Norberto Odebrecht in 1965. 

Our primary purpose is to combat poverty and inequality. We work towards building a more responsible, harmonious, solidarity-based society, with equal opportunities for all.  

With over 55 years of history, we are inspired by the legacy of our founder, based on a philosophy of life, grounded in education and work – Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology (TEO), systematized in a series of books written by Norberto Odebrecht. 

What does the Norberto Odebrecht Foundation do?

We promote sustainable territorial development through PDCIS, the social program that we execute in the Brazilian northeast, with actions in six integrated fronts, which strive to combat poverty and inequality: education for sustainable development; environmental conservation; economic development; innovation and technology; citizenship and governance, and cohesion and social mobilization.

With PDCIS, we join together to combat poverty and inequality, mobilizing public authorities, private initiative and civil society. This participative governance is strengthened by our work in partnership with civil society organizations in the locations where we work. Together, we have taken on a commitment, so that young people and their families can live in the countryside, in harmony with the environment.

This is how we contribute, and overcome global challenges. We have joined a growing number of organizations and institutions that incorporate the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into their strategies. We do this, seeking to eradicate all forms and dimensions of poverty, by educating young people to be productive in the countryside, on the rational use and protection of natural resources, and strengthening the bases of citizenship.

Find out about the bases that guide our work!

The Norberto Odebrecht Foundation and youth protagonism

The term “youth protagonism” is a third sector asset. It is an educational philosophy that we helped to create, and it permeates all our actions. 

In 1988, we selected young people as the focus of our activities. This decision was prompted by the fact that this segment of the population was growing in Brazil at the time. In accordance with the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), the following decades would produce a boom of people aged between 15 and 29, representing the largest segment of the national population. Therefore, public policies were required specifically for young people.

From the moment which we focused our actions on this audience, we realized the importance of encouraging young people as a source of freedom - educating responsible, conscientious and participative people. 

Today, we continue to have young people as our main focus of activity, understanding their potential to positively influence their families and communities, and playing the leading role to build a more sustainable future.

Protagonismo juvenil é um importante conceito do Terceiro Setor que a Fundação Norberto Odebrecht ajudou a consolidar Youth protagonism is an important third sector concept that the Norberto Odebrecht Foundation has helped to establish.
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