Our compliance policy involves rules and guidelines for the conduct of Members in relation to suppliers, partners and society in general, always guided by an ethical, straightforward and transparent action. Addressing the subject is bringing an answer to the most current issues in society, such as guidelines on good practices, how to deal with conflicts of interest, and the best way to relate to other members, partners, suppliers and service providers.

This policy establishes the structure of the Compliance System, with the objective of continuously improving our internal processes and controls, with a focus on compliance with current laws. Such a system is divided into three pillars: (i) prevention, (ii) detection and (iii) remediation, which are covered by ten different elements, and much of it refers to prevention, since prevention is always better and less costly than remediation.

Nevertheless, however good the prevention may be, it may not be enough to eliminate risks. Therefore, there are measures of detection and remediation. Once exposure to a hazard has been detected, it should be promptly treated according to its nature and severity. The ten elements of the system are detailed below.

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