Tribute to the Future

See how we encourage donations to social projects for the education and socio-productive inclusion of teenagers

Tribute to the Future is a campaign to mobilize resources which, for more than 15 years, has united people within and outside the Novonor Group who hold the same belief: the education of young people as a bridge to a more sustainable future.

The campaign is held every year, always in the second half, and mobilizes resources, so that our social program, PDCIS, can continues to make it viable for hundreds of teenagers in the regions where we operate to have access to quality education and be entrepreneurs in the countryside, together with their families, in harmony with the environment.

Who receives the mobilized resources?

Every sum donated is allocated to projects to educate teenagers at the Family Houses, our partner schools in the rural zone in the Southern Bahia Lowlands. High schools integrated with professional courses, the houses are focused on quality education, socio-productive inclusion in harmony with the environment, and citizenship, and benefit approximately 300 teenagers per year, with an indirect impact on thousands of people. 


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